Student Stories

Edith Leora Dennis RSC 1934 Scholarship

The Edith Leora Dennis RSC 1934 Scholarship provides need-based financial support for students enrolled at Russell Sage College who are majoring in a mathematics or science program.

Katiri Hart RSC '17
I am a nutrition major and a commuter from the Catskills. I've always been interested in nutrition and believe strongly that it is the key to a good life. I chose Russell Sage because of the integrity of the nutrition program and because they have the most students selected for mandatory Dietetic Internships. I am so grateful for this scholarship. I recently left a full-time job to care for my mother after quintuple bypass surgery. To focus on my studies, I only work a part-time work-study job. This scholarship is truly making my education possible. I can now look forward to a career that improves the lives of others. Thank you!

Johanna Muller RSC '17
Growing up in Ravena, NY, I was overlooked for middle school honor's science program. I took this as a personal challenge and pushed myself to excel in science the rest of my school years. When I came to Russell Sage I took one nutrition class and found my passion. I love the mixture of science and creative approaches when it comes to nutrition. I hope to become a food scientist with a concentration in flavor chemistry. The scholarship I received is a huge stepping stone to help me accomplish my goals. I'm proud to say that I will be the first in my family to complete college. Sage donors made that possible. Thank you so much!

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